Thank you Mom for the Lesson

Let’s start by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there! I couldn’t ask for a better mother, she’s been there for me through everything. Raised me on her own, gave me encouragement and made sure my health was always in great condition. Love you mom, You Rock!

My mother has always said something to me since I was little that has stuck with me, “Don’t worry about what others think of you. People will always judge you, but you know you best.” I always loved that. And I still you it today. The funny part about that is you are your own biggest enemy/critic. Critic, that would probably be me. Always criticizing my art,this could have been better” “I should have put this there” “Terrible color choices, I can’t see why someone likes it”. 

I really did this criticizing yesterday while but of course, painting. One of the pieces that went to Safe Haven sold, Friendship.  I was lucky enough to have Safe Haven request a second painting. They want the same piece that sold, knowing it is very difficult to reproduce any piece of art I had to go into it as if it were a new piece. I kept my palette the same, along with the basic message. Before I stood at my easel I made sure Safe Haven knew that it wouldn’t be identical but as close as possible.

Finishing the piece yesterday, I stepped back and all of a sudden I was my own enemy. “Did I do good enough?” “It’s not identical, maybe it should be.” “Will they like it” “Should I change something.” As soon as the judging started I stepped away from the painting. When I came back I realized something, it’s a new painting, it’s great. Saying those words made me feel a little high on myself, I don’t like that. But I had to level with myself. I knew things were going to be different but the message is still there. Save wildlife, they need us now more than ever. 

Friendship II
Friendship II

Things will always change but you will always judge yourself. So thank you Mom for the lesson in being kind to yourself. I am all that I am, right? You can only try your best and hope others see that as well.



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