My Art Will Be a Part of a Fantastic Organization

Extra Extra read all about it!!!!

I am so excited to report some news. I will have 5 pieces displayed at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Imlay, NV. They are a wonderful animal sanctuary  that take in neglected, unwanted exotic pets and many injured animals as well.

My love for wildlife is strong. My goal has always been to help these amazing creatures in some way. What Safe Haven does is wonderful and very educating for those that visit. They take in several different types of creatures, including tigers and lions.

Safe Haven is a non-profit organization that strive mainly on donations. They are always looking for new donors and sponsors. Check out their website here. Having sanctuaries like Safe Haven is at times the only way many of these animals can get a second chance at life. I hope that having my work involved with them, will only create more education and inspiration to save these amazing creatures.

I have more information in my Newsletter and will be giving out more information throughout the week. More newsletters will be posted throughout the experience as well. I would love to have you a part of this too, interested?

Sign up Here: Newsletter Sign Up

I’d love to have you all experience this with me and without your support I would not being get this far. I really do mean this from the bottom of my heart. Just one person saying “I love your work” can do wonders for confidence and drive.

Stay tuned for what paintings will be going to Safe Haven and their up coming silent auction flyer, which will be held on May 18,2013 at 5PM. Thank you again for taking the time to read this and all of my other posts.

Share your thoughts on anything, I love to hear from you!


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