Deciding on What To Create Next

The scariest part of creating something is picking a subject. There are always 5,000 different options out there.

Should I paint or draw? Dog or Cat? Trees or Water?

The options are endless, or so it seems. So, how do I narrow it all down? Well, let’s start with the piece I recently started….

A baby elephant touching a small bird. So sweet and gentle.
A baby elephant touching a small bird. So sweet and gentle.

What caused me to start this piece is simple. The devastation to so many species of elephants right now is heart breaking. I wanted to show the loving side to these gentle giants. What better why than to start off while they are young.

I find a lot of my inspiration for pieces through reading about wildlife and their environment. Right now the ivory trade in Africa and Asia is terrible. Elephants, including rinos as well, are being killed just for their tusks. They are used for medicines, good luck charms, herbal uses and many other things. They are dwindling in numbers, they must be saved.

Simply reading about events like this and seeing the images makes me want to help. In a time where money is tight what options do I have right now? Why not spreading the word of saving these creatures.

I am calling this my, “We Are Not Trophies” series. And this precious little guy is piece one. Each piece as a meaning, a story. I want to tell you more about this over the next few blog posts.

Each post will contain updates on this piece. Which, by the way still needs a title. Any suggestions?

Tune in for my next post on why I am geared so much towards wildlife and nature. They hold a special place in my heart for my work.

To learn more about how you can help with wildlife go to:


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