Inspirations in Pages

Magazines and Book Everywhere!!!!
Magazines and Book Everywhere!!!!

Look at all of the reading material ^!!! I have a thing for reading. It’s awesome. And it gives me inspiration. It doesn’t matter if it’s War of the Worlds or Plein Air Magazine. The inspiration is there. That’s the word of the day Inspiration.

I love that word, don’t you? I’ve always loved books. How our brains can transform words into worlds of images is amazing to me. It seems as if it is a lost art and hobby. Flip through a mass of images on an Ipad instead of reading a book to spell out a world.

It’s so easy for me to pick up a book/magazine, read a few pages, than suddenly I want to paint. Maybe it’s a maple tree in the spring time or a whale diving down to the depths of the blackness. The wonder is there and I love that.

In Sprint, is an example of where reading can lead.
In Sprint, is an example of where reading can lead.

In Sprint was done simply because of seeing other paintings and reading more about them. I’ve always loved cheetahs, and read about them often when I was a little girl. When I revisited the subject I became, Inspired. I wanted those facts to come to life. Those photos I saw to come to life as I saw them. When I read about a cheetah running, all I see is the cheetah and the dust that is kicked up.

Such a powerful animal when it comes to running. All this happened because of books. Save the books right? If you haven’t read Fahrenheit 451, you should. It’s about…saving books. I love it.

So in closing, read and create. Be Inspired by words and images to create your own world. It’s so important. We won’t know how important it is until it is no more. It seems like that is where the world is heading. Make the change and step back to read. It’s worth the time.


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