Art is a Healer

Playing With Colors; 14x11; oil on canvasTwo combinations of things that helped me get through difficult times. Art and Music.
Playing With Colors; 14×11; oil on canvas
Two combinations of things that helped me get through difficult times. Art and Music. *Interested in this piece? Buy now at*

For many years I have held the creation of art close to my art. It helped me through  difficult times and helps others in the same way. In a portion of my life there was a rough patch, like many of us have. My mother and I were in a difficult situation for many years with her ex-husband who ended up being very much addicted to meth. It was a scary time but we got out.

While the days were passing during this difficult time I had three major things (besides family and friends) that helped me get through it. Hockey, Music and Art. Being from Michigan hockey plays an important role in my life, music is the sound form of art and drawing was my way to release my emotions in a healthy safe way.

Something extraordinary is happening for many addicts. Art is helping many addicts recover in a healthy safe way as well. Not to long ago I was contacted by Jennifer Lewis about a wonderful occurrence that is happening with that exact subject. She sent me a wonderful article of how this wonderful idea is spreading and inspiring. Please read and look into it for your own inspiration, I know I did.

The Power of Art to Heal Lives Blighted by Drug Abuse

The annual National Meth Awareness Day celebrations have always brought excitements and inspirations to many people and communities that are fighting drug addiction. In November 2012, the Colorado Meth Project took the celebrations a notch higher by distributing art giveaways through Facebook in efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of abusing crystal meth.

The distinguished project distributed a wide variety of artwork that had been donated by artists from within the Colorado communities and other parts of the country. The most telling moments of the whole experience, however, was captured by a convict who designed and donated an inspirational piece of artwork while serving out his term for drug abuse. This rare gesture demonstrated just how significantly art has evolved over the years to become a powerful and influential medium of expression.

The Impact of Art on the Treatment of Drug Addicts

Getting a drug addict to discard the old ways and embrace a brand new drug-free life is a major challenge that confronts counselors, health professionals and families. Even drug addicts themselves might find it extremely challenging to drop their addiction habits. All the same, addiction treatment statewide and federal institutions and organizations have remained steadfast on the resolve to face the challenges head on, and achieve total healing for addiction patients. The California crystal meth addiction treatment, for example, is one of the statewide treatment programs that have recorded tremendous strides towards achieving the goals of ensuring total healing for drug addicts. It is for these reasons that treatment of drug addicts has become a critical component of the drug addiction campaigns. There are no doubts that many other techniques of drug addiction treatmentincluding counseling, rehabilitation and clinical therapy have been effective on their own rights. However, the emergence of art therapy as an alternative form of drug addiction treatment has definitely provided a viable frontier through which stakeholders can pursue greater innovations.

The Significance of Drawing Inspiration from Artwork

The unprecedented successes that the Colorado Meth Project posted were just but elements of the bigger picture. The Addiction and Art website has also been at it for quite a while now. Kevin Grass is one of the artists whose addiction-themed artworks are posted in this particular website. His artworks tell the touching stories that could potentially encourage drug addicts to quit their wayward behaviors. One such piece of his works of art is themed on the likelihood of drug addicts getting violent with the slightest provocations. The piece tells the story of the consequences of substance abuse by illustrating the gravity of the loss of self-esteem by drug addicts.

These trends are signs that the use of art to communicate addiction-related issues through online channels is fast gaining traction. The initiatives show that the power of art to spread the message and its abilities to change the courses of actions can never be put to test. Indeed, the campaigns serve to discourage the drug addiction problem from spreading and encourage the existing addicts to quit.

The messages articulated in pieces of artwork could help a drug addict to overcome anxieties, appreciate life’s realities and reconcile with oneself. Art can also be a source of inspiration for families that have been weighed down by drug addiction problems to never give up on their resolve to stand by a family member suffering from drug addiction. For example, a simple idea expressed by an artist in a piece of artwork could serve as an encouragement to a relative of a drug addict to stay put in the efforts to rehabilitate the addict. As such, the monumental potential of art goes beyond expression to as far as healing lives, mending fences and uniting families, especially when it comes to issues that concern drug addition.

Therefore, the adoption of therapeutic art is also very important step towards enhancing conversations among communities so as to articulate practical solutions for combating the drug menace. It is a friendly platform that is capable of eliciting concerns and encouraging peer-to-peer interactions that can contribute towards dissuading individuals from engaging in drug abuse. For example, a painting or drawing depicting the health dangers of a particular type of illicit drug could potentially discourage individuals, especially young people such as adolescents, from engaging in drug abuse.


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