A Shark’s Tail

Three's A Charm; 24x12; oil on canvaswww.taylorannfineart.com
Three’s A Charm; 24×12; oil on canvas

The Story of Three’s A Charm

Every painting has a story. Here is the next story of Three’s A Charm. I hope you enjoy the experience….

The ocean. Vast and mysterious. Creatures from millions of years ago still exist in these waters. Some have never been seen yet, others are rarely seen at all. The shallow waters of the Australian coast beckon to me. The waves are low and lapse at my feet lightly. I see something in the distance, possibly ten feet away. A distance that enough to know what I am witnessing.

A group of black tip reef sharks has come to my company. Wanting to get a better look I go to my car. I brought a small raft with me for relaxing further from the shore. A perfect opportunity to get to know creatures that have fascinated me since childhood.

I spot several sharks together. All swarming about the shore, searching for scraps of food, maybe even enjoying the sun. They don’t scatter when I row up, not even a slight flinch. They welcome me by staying where they are. They don’t ask for anything, they don’t run away, they just stay. The way I wish I could could welcome anything in life.Β 

Three group together and cruise in a small circular motion for what seems like hours but only lasts for moments. I hold my breathe to freeze the moment, reminiscing of the similarity of the famous ying and yang symbol. The swift curve of that symbol mirroring the shapes of their bodies together and separate. And with the three of them together I think of luck. “Three’s a Charm”.

I stay with these magnificent creatures until they slowly swim off to deeper waters. Keeping this moment with me, I look off to their destination. Where it is I do not know. The things the see, I can only imagine. I freeze that moment once again, to remember the spenders this world has blessed me with. It’s time for me to continue my own journey, once again.


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