The Story of “And Then There Was Wonder”

And Than There Was Wonder; 10x8; oil on canvasI've always loved the flow of waterfalls and gathered a few photos to refer to for this one.
And Then There Was Wonder; 10×8; oil on canvas
I’ve always loved the flow of waterfalls and gathered a few photos to refer to for this one.

Everyone, everything has a story. Are you ready for a story? Let’s start with a recent piece, And Then There Was Wonder……

As I walk through a lush forest, I wander through the thick amount of vegetation. The trees are rich with health. Sunshine is barely seen through the canopy tree tops. Songs of various animals ring throughout the land, monkeys howl and birds sings.

Branches snap beneath my feet while the rustling of critters scurrying about. I can’t see what runs but I can assume of what they might be. Insects, small rodents, possibly snakes. The Life here is full.

The further I go I venture the moisture in the air thickens. Soon I can smell the water. My pace quickens at the thought of a source of these feelings. Before I know it, that sweet sound massage my ears. The sound of water.

I push ferns aside that are blocking my way of this precious sound. It gets louder, I get quicker, more anxious.

Gently pushing my way through this land of life I see what I have been looking for. My heart skips a beat, while a smile streams across my face. Peering through these protective trees is the lovely waterfall of which I have been seeking. I stand there in wonder. This simple sounds, this simple source gives life to everything I encounter. Without this scene of beauty I would not be here. I take it all in before I study the liquid itself.

It’s a small waterfall, pouring into a lake which leads to a stream. The liquid cascades down onto itself, letting the water spray the creeping plants around it. The plants surround this source as if it is a God. The water itself is more than clear, the sun that bounces off it creates different amounts of colors. It glistens. The water in the lake flows throughout, knocking into rocks, being lead into the stream. The land leads it to more life that is in need of it.

This simple view feels like a dream. The beauty of the waterfall with it’s protective ferns and trees, is so simple but amazing. It seems so rare to see such natural beauty. We forget the amount of life that is out there. Maybe we should walk through more forests to appreciate the life we have been given. The life we should protect.


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