Wake Up Call

All week I didn’t have a chance to paint or draw. With a couple of new people coming in at work, training one, staying late, prepping each day and oh so much more, it was very difficult to start any piece. I was getting down on myself yesterday. Feeling that “I’m a failure” zone happening on for a while. I wanted to switch my mood. You can’t exactly do that at the snap of a finger. I think we have all tried a few times.

After I went out for a while, picked up a few magazines and went shopping for new shoes, I got home and that feeling was still lingering. Like a thick rain cloud over my Saturday. My day to relax. I sat down and decided to watch the first to episodes of American Idol on YouTube that aired over the week. Wasn’t expecting that eh? Well there is a reason I did this. One I love the auditions, the good and the bad. And two, no matter how great or terrible any of the contestants are they are up there trying to make it to Hollywood. They are following their dreams.

I sat there thinking this. All of these people, kids in many cases, are following their hearts. Drama from the judges aside, it is an inspiration to me. The contestants have no idea what to expect, they only hope to go to Hollywood. To be the next “American Idol”. It’s hard to digest at times for me. No matter if they are good or bad they sang in front of some pretty well known people. I know I would be nervous beyond belief if I sang in front of Mariah Carey.

This made me think. As I was memorized by the amazing talent, talent that gives you goosebumps and makes you smile without realizing it, I started to feel lighter. I sat back and realized something. To look at what I have done in this week I didn’t paint.

For one, I am training a really wonderful person. She’s young, sweet and easy to work with. I stayed late at work and got several things completed. I spent more time with my boyfriend when I got home. I got to know two new people. Early birthday wishes all week were said to me. And I met a local photographer, Lawrence Keeney.

Photograph of Lawrence Keeney.
Photography of Lawrence Keeney.

Lawrence is probably the highlight of my week. We met on Fine Art America. Just by leaving a comment he was kind enough to send me an email and wonderful friendship has started. Just goes to show you that you never know what to expect in life. Not being shy and saying “wonderful piece” and do amazing things. He is a wonderful person. Lawrence took the time out of his busy life to say “hi and thank you” and now we talk all of the time. We scheduled a painting lesson, he wants me to give to him, how cool is that? Not to mention he is working on a new website for me. Amazing. Please check out his blog and website, you won’t regret it.

Lawrence’s website: http://www.lawrence-nv.us/

Lawrence’s blog: http://lawrence-nv.us/blog/

The whole week was pretty crazy but it was worth it. I moved from being down and tried, to watching a reality TV show, getting a wake up call, to complete happiness. Isn’t life a kicker? In the end, keep your head up no matter what happens. Business happens and that’s okay. But through that business what have you gained? What have you learned? Take a minute to digest it all. It’s surprising what you come up with.


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