Day 6 of My Challenge and More

Day 6

Another Weather System; 12x9; pastel on water color paperAnother Weather System goes deeper than just a painting of a sky. Conveying that the clouds may be over your life right now, the sun will shine again.
Another Weather System; 12×9; pastel on water color paper
Another Weather System goes deeper than just a painting of a sky. Conveying that the clouds may be over your life right now, the sun will shine again.

A little bit of a late start yesterday on my challenge. Daily things got in the way 🙂 I couldn’t decide what on earth to do for Day 6, even with all of the suggestions, nothing felt fitting. I was going through some reference photos I took of rain clouds and found a couple that spoke to me. Had fun!

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As you can see, it’s a pastel piece! I really love working in pastel, in fact, I started with pastels before oil paint. I can’t remember how or why I started with pastels first, might be because I was already in love with drawing. Whatever the reasoning, pastels are wonderful. I love how many different type of textures you can get with using different types of pastels (soft, hard, semi-hard, ect).

Ever want to try pastels but don’t know where to start? Well I thought I might give my thoughts on working with pastels!

Pastels: Where on Earth Do I Start?!

Pastels are great. The End. Just Kidding, but they really are great! Messy yes but rewarding. If you feel you may want to tackle them, safety first as always. Because they are dry and messy, they aren’t the greatest tool to use for those with respiratory problems. Don’t blow the dust, ever. Pastel dust goes far and everywhere. When you use them and need to get rid of access dust, pick up your paper and tap it on the surface you are working on. The dust will fall.

Now onto the fun stuff :). I’ll give you links to favorite pastel artists of mine and sites to grab more info on the wonderful medium. Start small plus simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a complicated subject. You can do an underpainting just like you would on an oil painting. Using the block in color technique or monochromatic works great too!

I usually go for blocking in my darkest darks first. Than I take a brush with water, yes I said water, and blend softly. When you use water it brings a nice underpainting to the whole piece. Especially if you let it peak through your painting. That’s what I did in Another Weather System. After you let it dry, which isn’t long at all, go from darks to lights. Most importantly have fun.

Now, I don’t want to bore your mind out from start to finish. I know for me, when I can see steps I work better! So here are some links for tips and my top two artists to check out!


Maggie Price

Richard McKinley


Pastel Journal

Tips with Maggie Price (video included here)

Q&A tips

Pastel Society of America

Richard McKinley Tips (Youtube 6 min. clip)






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