Daily Painting with Giveaways!

Who is ready for a fun challenge?!

Send me photos and win a painting! See details below!

That's alotta canvas!
That’s alotta canvas!

I have stocked up on canvases, for a good reason! In the month of January I will be doing a painting 2 days out of each week of the month. Somewhat of a daily painting challenge. To make this fun, I am asking ANYONE to send me images of what they would like to see me paint and tell me why. If you send in a picture that I choose to paint you get first dibs on buying it! If no one buys their piece I will hold a raffle at the end of the month to give it away.

I’m really pumped about this guys! Please be involved, it’s a fun challenge and I really want more than just me to be involved. It’s a way to see what everyone else out there would like to see from me. By now, most of you know my style and what I tend to paint subject wise. Have fun with it!

If you would like to be in the raffle message me on my Facebook or send me an email at tnichczynski@yahoo.com! Send those photos!


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