Art and Holidays. How to Keep Creation Going.

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope all of you out there have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Keep safe and happy.
From talking to many artists out there everyone has a different feeling (as far as creativity goes) around the holidays. Some are so busy with errands, family and the holiday feel that they almost take a pause with art. Others are busy with marketing for the holidays. And those like me, are indeed busy but get very inspired my the holiday season.

It might be the colors, temperature or just the decorations that get me pumped to paint! The frustrating part, finding the window of time to do that is hard. But either way I do someway, somehow. But how on earth do you find the time and inspiration for painting? I take a pause.

It sounds simple but it helps. The pause can be 10 seconds or 10 minutes. But you need the pause for health and inspiration. And at times when you take that simple pause, you are ready to move on to the next step. It might be the next store, family’s house or painting. I am going to give you some tips to get those creative wheels rolling this time of year. Many of you may have that creative idea but don’t have the time to sit and draw/paint. I’ll go through that too. That anxious feeling spikes this time of year and at times just doing some art can calm you down immensely.

  • As I said before, take a pause. You may get that idea of a new piece in your head by pausing.
  • If you have an idea while you are out, write it down. Or send a text message to yourself.
  • The day was so busy and you want to paint but you have no energy. That’s okay, sketch! Sketching is the foundation for all artists and is always a wonderful tool.
  • Have the window to paint but don’t know what to paint? Set up a holiday still life and just go for it!
  • Flip through an art magazine or art book. Just because you aren’t painting doesn’t mean you aren’t doing something. You are learning something new!
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures! Most of us are camera happy this time of year. There may be a shot that inspires something to paint!
  • Talk to other artists. This one (and really all of the tips) can be any time of the year. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask them for advice on anything.

I will be posting a “how to” soon on a piece I am working on for the next post. Keep tuned in for the next post. Enjoy your holiday season!


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