Ask the Artist: Question and Response

Today’s writing is a little bit different. I will be doing a question and response theme today. I took questions at random that I am often asked, to which I responded. It’s a little bit different but I enjoyed it. Here we go!

Question 1: When did you first decide to pursue your art career?

  • The exact time I would say would be around high school. I was always interested in art since I was young, but I decided to make it my passion around my junior or senior year of high school.

Question 2: What about the art world made you stick with it?

  • When I am painting, drawing, sketching, whatever it may be, my mind is absorbing so much information. It’s addicting in a way. When I am working in my studio I feel like I am the only person on this planet. I guess you could call it “being in the zone”. The first memory I have of drawing was in second grade. I was drawing a bird for a storybook assignment. Each student make a story each week with illustrations. I really got into the drawing portion. From that point on I fell in love with having a blank sheet of paper go from empty to filled with recognizable images. And now each piece sends different feelings through me. It could be making a dog look like the dog you are working on or placing the right colors to make a piece really pop. It’s a thrill.

Question 3: Do you have a artists out there that inspire you?

  • This list is huge! I could go on for pages but I will list the most influential for now. Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Da Vinci, George Allen Durkee, Mark Boedges, Steve Morvell, Bill James, Gail Descoeurs & Martin Blanchett.

Question 4: You work is several types of subjects. Do you have a favorite? And why?

  • My subjects do include many. If I had to choice a favorite, right now at least, would be landscapes. I love putting color down, especially as the piece gets closer to being finished. The right color can make or break a piece. And when you put the perfect color down you are blown away. You just say,”Yes, that is it!” That is always wonderful to accomplish. And with landscapes you have a little more freedom to create what you are doing. If you want to take out something, like a tree, you usually can without completely reinventing the scene. It’s still what you painted but it’s what you see not what you know.

Question 5: Does the scene for painting have to be “Just Right” or is it automatic to just go for it?

  • There are times when the scene needs to be just right, yes. Most of the time I have to have a couple things going on before I am “good to go”. As odd as it may sound clothes play a huge role. If I am comfortable, it’s easier for me to paint. Usually loose pants and a big shirt (or tank top for summer) will do perfectly. The other is to have other errands taken care of. I usually start my work around noon, that way I have taken care of errands, cleaning and lunch. If those things are good, I am usually good to go!

Question 6: Do you have any tips for other artists out there? Tips that include artwork tips and passion for art.

  • I have a few to give. I am still learning as I go too but for most of what I have learned it has been from teachers and mistakes. Yes mistakes happen and they are good! For me planning out my piece is very important. Most of us artists out there just want to get to the colors and “popping touches”. But if you don’t have a good foundation you don’t have a good finished product. I still struggle with this but I am getting better. Also don’t be afraid to paint with something other than a brush. Pick up that palette knife for thick areas or a towel for smoothing/erasing. And last for artwork tips, ask a teacher. It can be an art teacher in your area or a professional artist you admire. It can be by books or email, the knowledge is everywhere now! As for passion, just go for it. If you love what you do, do it. Create that piece because you can. It is so rewarding and beautiful to create something. You will come across those bumps in the road but if you love what you do than no one can stop you. It’s a drive of passion, let it flow.

Question 7: Do you work on a limited palette or do you colors vary?

  •  Lately I have been working on a limited palette, usually working with 4-6 colors. And so far I really enjoy it more. With a limited palette it’s a little easier to place colors in certain places. Plus I find it to be cleaner. When I say cleaner that includes the clean up but also the mixing. My palette isn’t filled with all of these different hues and values of all types of colors, which makes things less confusing. Less is more!


—Seven questions and seven answers! I liked doing this format for once. If you as well like it too please let me know. What else would you like to see from me? More Q&As, more step by step, more news? The more I know, the more you get.

Please visit my website for original pieces and prints. Contact me for more information on anything! Commissions are possible everyone. Keep safe this crazy holiday season.









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