New Piece Updated

Just a quick one today. Finished a new piece today, progress, hooray! The piece is indeed for sale. Also for a limited time you can purchase a print at at a fantastic price!

Here is the link:

Fine Art America Promotion Print!

Also my Fine Art America site, you can purchase a piece at a DISCOUNTED PIECE. The code is already set and ready go! If you want to purchase direct from me here it is: FCHJKL (email me your questions if you don’t want to go through Fine Art America and I can discount you as well.) My HOLIDAY ART SALE is going on right now so regardless you WILL get a discounted price. Give the gift of art this holiday season. It’s something that never goes out of style. It’s personal and thoughtful too.

Onward to the finished piece!

Movement of the Sea
Movement of the Sea; oil on canvas; 30×24. Base price is $160, discounted HOLIDAY price is $136.

Email me at:



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