Holiday Art Sales Fast Approaching

Everyone wants to give or receive that one gift no one else will have. Why not give the gift of art this coming holiday? Is it a little early to be talking about this? I’m going to say no, simply because when it comes to art you want to find the perfect piece to give. I have to put the idea in your head now! Why? Because you need time to decide what to give that special someone. Or give yourself. No one said you can’t treat yourself to something nice.

So here is how it works:

Prices on my work will be cut down 15% – 30% during this sale. Pick up a painting that I have listed at $150 for $105! Not to mention a 15% discount on shipping costs. Think about it…..good deal right? Go to my website and see some works that are available for purchase. You may want to had that to your list of “things to do”.

My website will have a full list of all my pieces with the discounted prices listed on each piece. I will post the list here as well, no worries. Art is a great gift, as I have said. Shop around for what is right for that special someone or yourself! Maybe my pieces aren’t the right fit for you.

I have enabled a feature on my website to purchase prints as well! Prints are also provided on my DeviantArt Page and Fine Art America page too!


Fine Art America:


Listed below are some amazing artists, some of which I have the pleasure of knowing.

Danielle Davis:

Ashish Das:

Betsy Frahm:

Jane Bush:

Jacqui Hawk:

Check out all of these artists! They are all very talented and inspiring. Keep safe this holiday season everyone!


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