I’m Baaack! Updates of Art.

What a crazy past couple of weeks it has been indeed. A week before last I had a wonderful bladder infection. It was a delight……not really! Had a few other things to take care at home. Just got slammed with all types of projects and problems. Well I am back. Let’s get started!

First let’s start with some updates.

Art Work Updates:

  • Ocean Deep (View it Here!) has been sold.
  • New commission piece is now in the process.
  • One commission piece is slowly coming to a close.

And on a side note, I finally got a tripod! Hooray!! So I will be able to finally get a better shot of my work.

I found a fantastic new art site as well. www.fineartamerica.com. I am on there now as well. One a my favorite features is you can buy prints of my work or other works of some amazing artists as well. I highly recommend looking into it. Check it out!

If you are interested in looking at prices for my prints click here: http://taylor-nichczynski.fineartamerica.com/

As busy as things have been I always try to keep grounded. One helpful way of doing to is yes, yoga and meditation. But also, exercise. I have been exercising more and more and it really helps out the creative process. Something I have come to love more is taking a simple walk. Especially when I get off of work, when the weather permits of course. I go with my mother, it’s always great to have a walking buddy.

Vegas has had a little rainy weather this week so the walks have been spaced out a bit. Either way it’s a great way to unwind and calm down. We all need some down time right?

I hope all is well with all of you. I will be back soon. Onto some projects. Will be working on my newsletter later on too. Will post more updates soon! Find out how to contact/view my work below.
Namaste and Blessings.

Website: www.taylornichczynski.com

Fine Art America: http://www.taylor-nichczynski.fineartamerica.com

Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/TaylorAnnCreations

Email: tnichczynski@yahoo.com




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