True To My Heart

Let Me Take The Time To Say:

This past week has been an adventure for sure. Thankfully my boyfriend’s uncle is doing much better and things are looking on the up side. As our world slowly settles and goes back to normal, things come into focus. Life is an adventure everyday. I find myself taking moments everyday to take in that moment. Your life can be turned upside down in seconds, leaving to spinning in circles. When you take those moments to take in what you are experiencing, your life is enhanced.

In doing this small practice all week my heart is lighter. I can breathe easier. And my mind, speech, sleep, body, and artwork shows it. I can see things clearer with this practice. Amazing. I urge you to try it for yourself. It is life changing.

Onward Artwork!

In the middle of two commissions. Both vastly different. One pin up girl and the other a remembrance piece of three past pets. Each with unique challenges and learning points too. Creating the pin up piece got me thinking, why not do more pin up girls? They are so much fun to create and doing something different from nature is a great why to regain focus. I think I will take on that challenge.

Speaking of challenges… I still working on my “painting a portrait” challenge? Due to the commissions and family emergencies I had to put that challenge aside for now. Once I regain my footing on that I will continue.

Besides the two commission piece I am in the middle of a new oil painting. A crashing wave against a rocky shoreline. Love the energy in the powerful waves against a calm sky. Wonderful to paint! Photos on all of these three piece to come. You can always check my Facebook page for “work in progress” photos that I frequently post.

Newly Framed and YES FOR SALE 🙂

The Devil Loves Company. This vixen is done in pastel on black paper. Size is 9×12. For Sale at $90.00
The Devil Loves Company and Tie Me Up in beautiful new frames! Both for sale at $90.00 each.
Life in the Desert with a fitting frame and wonderful matting. Up for sale at $90.00.


If you or maybe someone you know may be interested in these or any other works of mine contact me either by website or email:




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