Challenges of Drawing People with a Mix of Life

Life is a roller coaster. It is a fact. Things will happen that you can never fully prepare for. We all react differently the things. Depending on the situation has a lot to do with your reaction. When you have family in the hospital you want to be there. Do you sit with them regardless of their state? Do you pace? Do you need to talk to someone?

If your spouse/significant other has family in the hospital what do you do? Are you there with them too? Do you let your partner be with them alone? Do you inform other members of the family? When trauma strikes, feelings and reactions stir up that we may have never seen. For myself, majority of the time my reaction is to draw. I think a lot of that has to do with my childhood. When things were scary or unsafe, I would draw. Now anytime that “scary” feeling arises, I want to draw. Why?

Today is one of those times. My boyfriend’s uncle is in a diabetic coma right now. He is with him, wants to be by himself for the most part. Other family is with him, which is what he needs. Thankfully, he is doing better. He is still in a comatose state, but better. With updates on hand, I am at ease, but still worried. I met his uncle a handful of times but I know him enough to feel that “scary” or “unsafe” feeling. Joe  is at ease with his uncle’s health right now. He wants to be there for him, and I am glad he is.

Art is my refuge for the “scary” times. Today it came out in full force. I usually want to create a type of fantasy/sci fi piece. I was way into dragons and dinosaurs when I was little, so I think that may have something to do with it. Today it was a taste for pin up art. Sketches and sketches later I finalized a new piece.

Tie Me Up; pastel on black drawing paper; 9×12.


I used bright, positive colors for a reason. I wanted the positive and beautiful  feel with this piece. Expressions of needed happiness. It felt good to create this. Keeping an open mind with this helped keep a positive mind with the mix of life.

While the process was going on I was going updates from Joe. Things are going well so far. The healing process will be lengthy. He is on his way and that is all that matters at this point. My heart goes out to his Uncle Bret with my thoughts and prayers.

Whatever your process is with healing/dealing, always be there for who needs you. We all have our out lets which is fine. But you need others to be with you. You have others that need you too. Life is extremely difficult at times, with your healing processes and others around you, things will be okay.


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