Health with Art

Most of us know by now how important it is to take care of our bodies. What has always amazed me is how being healthy affects our brain.

For a few years now yoga and meditation has helped me keep my mind calm and my heart happy. With a touch of weights and cardio, my body thanks me for it everyday. When I slack off on the exercise for my body and mind, I regret it almost immediately. For the past two week now I have made sure I woke up around 5:15 – 5:30am to workout out and be. The hardest part is actually getting out of my comfy bed wrapped in cozy blankets. As hard as it is, the more I do it the easier it is. I only hope the novelty doesn’t wear off.
The one thing that I really love about the healthy choices is how it affects my work. Not only my day job at the frame shop but my artwork. I handle the stresses better at work and I think more clearly at my easel. For example I completed Start of the Night yesterday, another alla prima:


Start of the Night. Oil on board; 9×12. Completed in 4-5 hours with no expectations!


At first I wanted to “get everything right”. Than I took a breath, stepped back and said, “just paint”. No expectations. Just see what happens. I have done this many times before but you forget that when you aren’t so hard on yourself, things get easier. Is this piece perfect, no. But it is a piece of me which is what art is all about. Putting yourself in your work.

The more I think this way the easier life is. Bumps in the road will always happen, but the future is now and brighter than ever. I can’t go back in the past and “fix” things I don’t like. To me, everything DOES happen for a reason. Makes us stronger, even if we don’t realize it now. Those bad times we remember subconsciously, making a side note for that to not happen again. Sometimes that works and other times it doesn’t. And that’s okay!

Keeping your mind and body healthy will help with the hardships in life. It starts out hard but gets easier as you continue. Keep going and carry on!


*Find Start of the Night and many other pieces for sale on my website, *
*Another side note, starting November 1st I will be having a holiday sale for my work! Give the gift of art, even if it’s just a Tuesday!*


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