Artistic Road Block

I think it’s safe to say we have all experienced some sort of mind block. Yesterday was my Artistic Road Block. I wanted to do a still life set up and nothing was going my way. Talk about frustration! I eventually set that project aside (which was supposed to be a break from commissions ha ha).

Than I got to thinking about that road block. It happens and you move on. But what you sometimes forget is you  have to take it as a lesson. Just like anything else that happens, it is a lesson. Doesn’t mean you did anything wrong it was just a bad creation time. From my blocking moment I learned a few things. However, one discovery stood out among the rest. When you rush to do something, it usually doesn’t end in your favor.

What was really interesting about this was it’s something I always learn over again. Any time I run into a road block I am usually rushing. Why am I rushing? I love to be nose deep in my artwork. I can’t wait to get to my easel and then at times I try to rush through something. Kind of funny to me really. I rush to do something I love and then rush through that to move on. Makes no sense, but it happens.

My goal yesterday was an alla prima piece that turned into a ball of crazy frustration. I set that project aside eventually and moved onto my a commission piece. Eventually that was a great decision. For a while that piece was turning into a headache too, but I cleared my mind and went back to sketching it out. Good move! Now my pin-up girl is shaping up better than before.

So in closing what was the lesson? Don’t rush through anything! This relates to life in general. When you rush through you lose your grip on things. Sometimes you can’t even remember what you did with that time. Crazy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things. The most important thing is to not rush through them either.

I thought of my “in the zone tips” later. Why did I not refer to them before!? Oh yeah, I was rushing 😉


Tips For Staying in the Zone:

  • If you notice your mind is skipping around take a breather, even if it’s a walk around the room.
  • Step back from the easel to see your progress or your mistakes.
  • Drinking water helps. As odd as that sounds when you are really into a project you forget about everything else. Including staying hydrated.
  • Snacking on fruit gives your mind that refreshing feeling.
  • Sketch if you are stuck. You may come up with something twice as good!
  • Turn on some soothing music. I will at times turn to nature sounds.

Keep on track and create. Live. Breathe. Smile. 🙂






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