The Next Art Challenge

What exactly is an art challenge? To me it’s either doing something you have never done OR doing something you haven’t done in a long time. I decided to do both!

The first is painting a portrait. My model is the lovely Marylin Monroe. Why Monroe? She is a favorite of mine and her photos are captivating. I have many friends and family members that would model for me but for now this is perfect. I’ve stayed away from painting people for a long time and felt that it could only help my skills to sharpen if I tried it out. I may surprise myself at the end! So far I already have surprised myself. I’m taking my time and enjoying myself.

It’s a great idea to test yourself with new things. I’ve found, that at times, when I get frustrated with a current project I try a new subject. The challenge of something new makes me think differently. And once I go back to my original project I see better results. Try it out sometime! Can’t hurt to try something new.

My second challenge is going back to basics. When I say back to basics I mean setting up a simple subject a sketching it. The first one was a towel draped over a chair. I haven’t done that in about 12 years! It’s amazing doing that helps. You see the folds in the towel when that is the only thing to draw. It’s always a wonderful idea to go back to that classroom feel and draw something simple. You notice the details that you should see. The object  becomes more precious than it was before as well. You appreciate things more. It’s odd to say that for some but it is indeed true.


Challenge 1: Paint a Portrait. Here is the start of Marilyn! Happy with her so far. I’m keeping things loose with this one. No need to rush something new!


Challenge 2: Back to Basics. Been a while for simple subject drawing. I have forgotten so much! As I was going through the process things slowly came back to me. On to the next subject.

My challenge to you is this, Challenge Yourself. Even if it’s reading a book you never would think of reading, do it! It can’t hurt. You might discover something new about yourself. Or even a hidden talent. It’s a good fulfilling challenge.
For the next few entries I’ll with share my Challenge Photos and stories. Look forward to seeing your challenges!




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