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I have been discovering some pretty interesting art sites out there for a while now. More recently I have plunged into the topics of Discoveries and History. I’ve always been interested in reading about art history but I think I’m getting into it even more.

One very attention grabbing story I read was at It’s regarding a painting titled, Odalisque painted in 1919. The work was was thought to be painted by Boris  Kustodiev and has lately believed that the piece was most likely not painted by Kutodiev after all. The argument involves the well-known auction house Christie’s. I recommend it to anyone.

That’s one of many good stories out there for you to dive into! Topics and News like that has always been interesting to me and I hope you find it as fascinating too.  There are so many things out there to discover. If it’s art or another topic you like go for it! Learn. Embrace.

I was recently asked “How do you come back to art as a topic?” No matter what it is I see art in everything. The sky, the route to work, people walking down the street. It doesn’t matter what it is it’s how you look at it. Noticing things makes life that much brighter. Reading about the history and discovery of art is a different type of reading to me. It’s history yes but it’s a different type of history. You see a painting and you say “Wow that’s amazing how they did this!”. After you say that ask this, “Why was this piece created?”. Was it ordered by the Church? Did they grow up here? Was this a spot the visited frequently? What were the supplies to create this? How long did this piece take?

Questions like this will make you more interested in the topic you are viewing. It’s a great practice.

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