Meditation With a Fly

I had to share this story of realization with you. As a human race we have the idea to always keep busy. Even if it is just checking email, we have to be “doing something”.

In the morning I usually do a small session of yoga. Today I decided to include meditation in my morning, since I didn’t practice last night. As I was sitting I could hear my dog Charlie chasing a house fly.

Instead of leaving the room I stayed with it. Charlie is a German Shepherd so he’s hard to not hear. As I was sitting the fly landed on my knee. Usually I would shoo it away but today I decided to let Jim stay. I felt the fly moving with the small steps flies take. He stayed and sat with me.

I realized he wasn’t just a fly he was a living thing too. Flies need safety too. I was his safety from Charlie because I let him stay. He didn’t ruin anything. He enhanced everything.

The small things in life, like flies, need attention too. They need to be still. As we sat there we were one. Time stood still. I didn’t need to go anywhere because what I was doing was enough. Things that needed to be looked at will be there when I was done. Things were perfect as is.


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