The Newsletter Has Been Put Out There


Happy to report that I have my own artist newsletter. I love to not only create picture but I really love to write and read. At the bottom of this page is the link to my first newsletter. Feel free to read and subscribe!

Before I began I took at least a week to sort out the details. What to write? Should there be certain types of topics? Maybe spotlights on others? I took notes, notes and more notes. Just on how, when and why to create this new addition to my career. It’s an excellent addition to get my work, my name and more interest in the art world get out there. I would highly recommend starting your own newsletter. Especially if you are in a career field where getting exposer is important.

I got my newsletter started at They offer free and paid versions of the program. It’s user friendly with tutorial videos to help you out. I am currently using the free version and really do like it. Check it out for yourself.  You may want to try it for your business.

Subscribe to my Newsletter:


I finished Play Time today which I featured in a recent blog. Here is Riley playing in his pool.


Play Time is sold but if you like my work check out my website. Maybe you may want a piece for yourself.

I get asked about pricing a lot. Here is a run down of pricing:

Small  – $40-$90 (ex. 9×12)

Medium – $90 – $150 (ex. 16×20)

Large – $150-$250 (ex. 24×36)


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