Step By Step of Zen Mind

I get asked often how I create my work. Well every piece is a different process but I decided to document them. I finished one piece recently, Zen Mind, in about 3 hours. Aka alla prima (at first attempt). Enjoy!

My five main colors used.
Straying away from black, I use a Payne’s Grey for a darker color. Along with white and a neutral grey.
I set up my still life for the piece. A yoga block, strap, two small buddhas, two roses, a sweet peach and Zen Min Beginners Mind.
My sketch has been put a 12×12 canvas. I used vine charcoal for a loose sketch. At this point I’m just looking at the basic shapes.
I start with my darks. Putting them on as thin as I feel needed.
I contiue with darks and slowing add in lights to determine where objects start and begins.
Things start shaping up now! I slowly go back and forth from lights to darks when needed. The paint is now starting to thicken up.
Now we are getting closer to the finish line. At this point I’m stepping back from my easel to see where things need to be fixed or added for my liking.
Finish line crossed. I brightened up the background. My camera was acting up so it came out a like lighter than in reality. None the less here is Zen Mind.

So there’s a quick run down! Notice how the piece is not exactly like my set up. When I work with still life, or anything really, I try to present the work how I see it not how it looks to everyone. I put myself in each piece. Now go out there and create! It doesn’t matter if you do art as a hobby or profession. It’s a way to express yourself. And let’s face it, the world needs a little positive creation right now. Be kind and be well!

Taylor Nichczynski

Landscape, Wildlife and Still Life Artist


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