Project in the Mix

On a current project I am working on I decided to take a small photo journal. I had taken more photos of the process but as I was looking at them I started to realize that so many steps don’t really need to be seen. Gets boring and confusing. Heck even I was confused! So I decided to take a shot of my reference photos, color study and the actual piece in progress. Comparison notes on all of them.


Two reference photos, one color study and the current WIP. Oh my!


Upon looking at the “so far” stance I start to ask questions:

  • Are my colors matching what I am intending?
  • Is my mood coming together?
  • Are their emotions being expressed?
  • What feeling do I get while viewing this piece?
  • Why am I creating this?

Each piece usually has these questions and some added as well. Riley is a friends blue pit bull that was splish splashing away in his kiddy pool. A good time for any dog on a hot summers day right? My intention behind every piece is to put a part of me into the work. What I see and feel is always my goal.

It is important for any artist out there to view your work from the outsiders view. See your work as if you have never seen it before. Is your message there? What should be added? Taken away? Or maybe it’s just right. I enjoy seeing my work through different eyes each time I work at my easel. It’s a great process to grow with your art inside and out.

Keep on creating!


I have pieces for more viewing and selling on my website.



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