Just Say Right Now

This has been an….ineresting/frusturating week. You know those weeks where you question everything. Work. Career. Day to day things. Health. That was one of those weeks for me. And it was interesting looking back on all of the events now. It combined my day job and my art career butting heads you could say. Where were both things going? Was one interferrng with the other? Should I rethink my schedule? Should I continue things the way they are? Am I doing something wrong?

Busy busy mind wouldn’t you say? Wednesday night I sat down and did a meditation session. It was like a television was blaring in the background. Nothing could really be heard. It was just noise. Constant noise. When I finally just said “Right Now”. It was as if the television was muted. Than seconds would pass on the noise came back on. Right Now. Noise off. This went on for a few minutes when I finally unplugged the television completely. An “ah ha” moment happened.

My questions were all answered without me asking any of them. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was rushing to get to a point that I didn’t even see yet. I had no idea what point I was rushing too. In order to get to a future goal I needed to see what was happening Right Now. Not in 20 minutes. Not in 1 week. Just Right Now. It was a wonderful feeling. I realized that I didn’t need to respond to questions I didn’t know. And that’s okay. Not knowing the answers doesn’t make me a failure. It makes me see that I am just not at that point yet.

Do I want to have a firmer art career? Yes, but I need to follow the path to get there. No use in racing to the finish line when I don’t even know where it is. There will be points when I get a No from a possible gallery. There will be people who decide to not purchase a piece. There will always be a Yes ever once in a while. I have to think of a Yes as a rare gem. And when you find that rare gem an amazing thing to hold in your hands.

So in closing Don’t Rush to find the answers to questions. If you don’t know them you aren’t in the Right Now. Just be here. Work on what you have and let that lead you down your path. Blessings to all.


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