Frustration…In a Good Way

We all fight with the annoyances of frustration. Something we can’t see but can feel deep down inside. Currently my frustration is the bump in the road of my art career. It seems that sales and commissions have stopped. Although being a newbie at the serious art path I realize this will happen. It take a long to get in galleries and have a flow of customers.

There are so many ways to promote yourself and in the end it comes down to time. Time and Patience. It’s a learning process for sure. I need more traffic through my website, more interests in my work from others, a larger mailing list, ect. One huge thing that is a problem right now is not having a vehicle. Money is tight which means one car for the house. Puts a roadblock up. It is what it is for now and eventually that will change. Until than I must use what I have.

The tips that I have picked up and have been using have helped. And with time that will grow. One thing I will always have on my side is the passion to create and to live by creation.

Anyone else have tips or can guide anyone in this position to my “traffic” please let me know.


Tips Under My Belt:

  • Facebook is a great way to promote your business no matter what you do. “Like” more pages to get “likes” back.
  • Blog about your interests and connect with others that have similar interests.
  • Friends and family can be excellent promoters.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact artists you admire for advice. A simple “thank you for inspiring me” can be a good starting point.
  • Widen your view of art and styles. Relax and try something new
  • Bring up your work when you can. You may be surprised about the response.

A small list but a starting point. Tips anyone?



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