Vacation Thoughts

I have been on a great vacation since Thursday of last week. My dad came down for a few days, had a good relaxing time. Living in a desert makes it almost a task to go outside for even one minute. As soon as the sun hits your skin you can feel the life being sucked out of you. However I did have the privilege to finally visit the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Until January of 2013 they are displaying many works of Monet.

Monet, being one of my all time favorite artists, had me wanting to go to the gallery for a while. It was worth the wait.

The space was small but powerful with the works hanging. Anyone who has every been to an art gallery knows that it is a peaceful and calming experience. Upon viewing each piece with a scanning eye you automatically mouth “Wow”. It really didn’t matter which piece I was in front of, I always smiled and said “Wow”. Mission accomplished for Monet on the “wow factor”. The Bellagio was extremely lucky to have one of Monet’s famous Haystack pieces (Grainstock)(Sunset; 1891). It is one thing to view paintings in a book. It is a whole new experience to view them in person. To know that at one point a very gifted individual laid the paint on the canvas you are standing in front of.

The colors are more vibrant. The viewing is a different feeling. You can see the brushstrokes more clearing. You have a personal experience. It’s wonderful! I would highly recommend everyone to go to an art gallery at least once in your life. The arts are a dying breed in this country in some areas. It is such an important stage in life. Creation. Painting or singing. Dancing or playing an instrument. Art is art and it needs to be explored again. Appreciated more. Experienced. It is worth every penny.


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