Realization of Everything

It’s rather shocking what you can learn in a week. For me the list is a good start I feel.

  • Eating mindfully helps with more than just your body but you mood, thinking and movement
  • Breathing during stress can have amazing insights
  • Letting go of what others see and what you see is a huge difference
  • A smile can go a long way
  • Exercise is always a must, no matter how long it is
  • Family is complicated
  • Friends come and go
  • Reading is a great way to unwind
  • Yoga is a beautiful way to live by
  • Meditation is essential for a positive view
  • And a simple touch of a hand can make your stress levels calm down

The week’s lesson? Life is……difficult but the outcomes can be beautiful. Being able to sit and breathe while knowing things may get a little crazy but things will straighten out in the end. One of the biggest things I realized is letting go of what others see and what you see. Mostly in my artwork. As I stood in front of my easel I realized that being able to paint how I view a scene is what matters. I’m not a camera but I am something just as amazing. I am a human being. A being that loves to create .

Once you let go of trying to “prove yourself” to everyone amazing things can and will happen. For me the one word that comes to mind is satisfaction. Weather my new work sells or not remains to be seen. But for now being proud of what I did is wonderful.

No matter what you do in your life being happy at the end of the day is all that matters. You may not have control over what you do but you can ride the waves as those storms come.  Now Smile. Breathe. Live.

Recap of today’s works:

Flowers with Jeans. Took 2-3 hours. Oil on canvas. 7×7

Escape II completed and looking for a new home. 22×28 on canvas. Oil