What would the masters say?

During the creative process of art I often wonder how the greats of the artworld would view the artistic world now. What opinons would Da Vinci have? Would Degas adore a current pastal master? What would any of them say?

It’s a fun topic to think about. I have my own opinons about it all too. I feel any and all artists would apperciate all walks for creativity. I feel they could spread knowledge to all artists now as well. Maybe tips and tricks they never shared. What an experience that would be!

Different times we live in for sure as human beings. Art has evolved just as humanity has. It’s an intresting topic to ponder. The masters of the days had to work, in a way, harder at the art than we do now. When I mean harder I’m refering to getting pigments to make paint with, canvas to find, clients to be hired by and of course the competition they faced. Times have changed indeed. Amazing isn’t it?

Keep those thoughts in mind next time you are in front of your easel. Maybe you already do. Ask yourself different questions. Who knows, you may strike a new idea to pop up.


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