Meditation as a Learning Tool

I have been meditating for about 2 years now. I first discovered it to combat sudden anxiety attacks I would have, but quickly found deeper love for the practice. There are so many various ways to meditate. Weather it’s the classic way (watching the breathe) or a different way. Whatever you feel comfortable with to use your mind use.

The more I meditate the more I learn about myself. Such as, how I view others, how I view myself, my actions, my movements, if I’m in a “rush” and many other discoveries about my own mind. It really is incredible. Someone that I would highly recommend to anyone for mediation is Tara Brach. Weather it’s learning how to watch your mind mindfully or maybe even diving deeper into the practice she is wonderful.

You don’t have to be Buddhist or Hindu to meditate. It’s for all walks of life. You learn from your mind. Be at home in there here and now. It’s a better place than it may seem right now. I admit, I get on a roll of not meditating. Life is……hectic. You lose track of things. But I always come back and think “Why did I stop at all?” It’s good for my health and life to meditate daily. I sleep better, stress goes down, my creativity has more of a kick to it and I interact with people better. It’s amazing what simply sitting can do.

So go out there and sit! Ease your mind from the tornadoes inside it. It’s worth it.


Tara Brach’s website:




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