New Art Techniques

I adore reading many different art magazines, books and viewing artists websites. The art world is like its own community with members possibly never meeting, but always inspiring each other and helping with new ideas. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how every ones piece starts. Do they do an underpainting? If so what type of technique do they use? Is their palette limited? Do they use any tools besides a brush? Maybe a rag is used for putting light back in or used as a blending tool.

It’s always great to have that moment where you say “Why didn’t I try that to begin with?” Having a new idea of creation is great and rewarding. Once you see that idea of a process you want to try it right away. Well at least I know I do. I see a starting point and I want to go for it. And why not? It might be the answer to a question you have been asking for a long time. Learning can be fun, especially when you have a passion about the subject at hand.

Below is a list of so great tips and tricks for any type of technique that I love. Hope they help out a little bit more.


1. Having an eraser shield for those small tight spots

2. Using a rag to blend or take out colors quickly in painting.

3. An eyedropper is always useful for adding a”dripping” effect or picking up turpentine.

4. Using an exacto blade is great for getting out just a little bit of a highlight.

5. The infamous black mirror is a great little tool to see your mistakes when viewed over your shoulder.

6. Sand paper or sanding sponges to get the ultra smooth surface on a canvas.

7. Drafting brush, you don’t want to smear that beauitful drawing with your hands!

8. Using different types for painting medium for oils to create that certain look or to help out the process in general. (Glazing especially)

9. Starting with your darks as an underpainting.

10. Sketch sketch sketch first!


Ten is a good start I think. What techniques do you use?


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