The Process

The process of everything is always an adventure no matter what you do. Things in my direction have been all over the place. We all go through it. But the way we all handle it is something else. Some are really organized and know exactly how to handle the good and the bad. Others have no idea where to start or how to finish. Weather it’s a lot of things at work going on or the home life is in many directions, life is well….hard. Luckily you learn from it.

I have been given many wonderful opportunities to have my art career grow and I am so thankful for that. It is scary and I get a little anxiety from it all. I can take rejection and criticism but the process of the growing scares me more than anything. Am I making the right decisions? Should I wait? Is it worth it? Am I understanding the “fine print” correctly? Honestly, I have no idea. But you must take chances with life decisions. Weather it is in your favor or not. Even if nothing happens for me in a positive way I can say I tired.

The same goes with everyone else to. You tired. You went for it. That is in it’s own right a success story of the process of life. Chances are what make us human. It’s scary and exciting all at once. In the end it is pretty worth the risks. As long as you do your research and don’t jump into to anything without thinking, taking chances is good.

Breathe. Smile. And go for it. It’s your life and sometimes you have to take charge.

Rambling ends here. Thanks for listening and pass it on.



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