The Process of Artwork

One of the greatest things about being an artisti is the chance to experiment with new subjects. For myself, I usually deal in nature and wildlife. But I love trying something different. Such as portraits or still life. It’s always intresting to see where your other strengths are in different areas.

I’ve always had a fight with still life. Never knew why either. Strange. I might be because I have to put the life in something lifeless, which is a challenge in itself. It is always the reason why so many artists adore still life. Putting that life is something is a great reward. Expanding my horizons is something that I love.

For myself the shading is a big part in any project. That transition from dark to white is something that I love to accomplish. It’s my favorite part of the entire creating process really. I suppose that’s why I love any type of subject. If I get to play with the shading, I’m happy.

These are some of my favorite shading examples that I have done:


The feeling of long and short hair is always intresting to work with.


This was a challenge, mostly the sheet portion, but it was a joy to experience.


The dust cloud was actually a lot of fun to do. I wanted it lose and not to overpowering.


The water and the rocks needed to be sperate so it was fun to play with colors here.


Art is my life. Every single day. The challenge is always fun.



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