I find it amazing and frustrating has to how hypocritical people can be every single day. I can recall a moment when someone called me a “tree hugger”. I just looked at them and said, “maybe I am but how could that affect you?” No answer was given back.

Why preach peace and love when many times, sadly, those that preach can be very spiteful? I’m not a bad person because I listen to heavy metal a lot. I don’t care what religion you practice. I am Buddhist for my reasons, others may be Catholic and that’s fine with me. Just don’t tell what I am not without knowing me first. I am a caring person, I can get mad but who doesn’t? But my main question is this:

Why are so many hypocrites in a world that needs love? It makes no sense to me. Don’t judge those by their clothes, music choices, accent, where they are from, their religion, race, sex, if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite, on anti depressants, have chronic pain, sick, ect. If anything become interested in who they are. You may begin to love them like your own. How great of a world would that be?

Keep it in mind next time you go out. Strike up a converstation with someone you would never think to. Someone may you a little hypocritical about. Even if you aren’t talk. What hurt could it do to ask someone how they are? They may even smile and “say thank you for asking”. It’s a start to peace within ourselves and with the world in general.




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