A world without wildlife

I cannot imagine world without the sight of wildlife. We can learn so much from just viewing how many species live. Adapting to harsh climate or the simple act of migration. The instinct to keep moving. I keep myself updated frequently on the state of things, mostly through the World Wildlife Fund (http://www.worldwildlife.org/home-full.html) They are so dedicated to keep animals and the world we all share in check.

It amazes me how a death to a beautiful creature, like a tiger, can bring “profit” to others. In the end there’s no need for that death to even occur. It’s senseless. There are so many other ways to make a living, no matter what state your country is in. Death only brings sorrow in the end. My point is this, give to the WWF or go out there and help out yourself. It’s not just for the sake of animals, but for everyone on Earth.

We all call this planet home and should respect all that live in it. From fur to scales, everything deserves respect. It’s just that simple.


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